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Re: Byebyeads

Don Kelloway
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"Saint" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:bf489u$8h$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I am sick to death of these bloody pop ups and can't locate where the

> on my PC is. I have disabled the Messenger function but this is not

> cure.
> Can anyone tell me how to detect and rid myself of this thing?
> Cheers
> Saint

I think the first need will be to identify how they are occurring. Here
are a couple of questions (in order of possibility) that may help to
pinpoint the cause:

Could they be attributed to a recent application or spyware that may
have been installed? If so, install an application designed to detect
and remove spyware, etc. I like to use LavaSoft's Ad-aware 6.

Could they be attributed to the surfing of websites (i.e. the use of
ActiveX, Java, etc)? If so, ensure that your web browser is configured
to disallow such settings or at least configure it to only allow it to
sites you trust.

For myself, I configure IE's Internet Zone to High and disallow/disable
everything. With such a configuration, I never receive pop-ups. For
the sites I would like to receive pop-ups from, I add the website's
domain name to the Trusted Sites category.

Best regards,
Don Kelloway
Commodon Communications

Visit to learn about the "Threats to Your
Security on the Internet".

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