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Re: Relevant links for newbies and everyone else who is interested[LONG]

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Shaolin, (Sorry for the cross post, i wasnt sure which group Lord
Shaolin was 'in' to read this

I hope you dont mind, but I added most of those to my site - well the
database of links on there.

I ran across a few you might want to know about..

I could not get
Default logins for all sorts of devices to pull up at all.

Hack me (i dont know what language
that is in, but I dont think it is there anymore)

Hack3r tends to lean tword for
any wargames unless i am reading it wrong seems not to be online for hacking -
11/24/02 All Wargames are OFFLINE for now. (still? - disclaimer and
about us are the only 2 links i can get to work and they are not found)

I dont know of anymore offhand, those are just the ones i remember. If
you can use any links on my stie that you dont already have, you are
more than welcome too, but i think you about covered them all.. still,
youre welcome to look

my site -
links -

im in the process of adding more and more.. theres about 290 up there now.

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