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Email to fax provider, any recommendations or suggestions?

Kyler Laird
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"Enzo Michelangeli" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

>and you might use a Sipura SPA-2100 with firmware version >= 3.2.X
>( ) to have up to two
>analog FXS ports to which you might attach fax modems or fax machines.

Note that there's also at least one T.38 software modem.

>On the paper it should work, but I never tried it. And at
> they say:

> PLEASE NOTE: Fax support is offered as a beta feature.

I contacted Gafachi a couple weeks ago and was told that although this
is a "beta feature" they plan to continue offering it.

It requires a few steps but I'm hoping to get t38modem working with my
Asterisk host and Gafachi account. That will open a lot of
possibilities for me. Unfortunately it looks like some more patching of
Asterisk is necessary.

Now, if we also had a patch for at least one of the Asterisk
H323 channels this patch then you could run Asterisk and Hylafax
with T38modem (by on the same box and
terminate T.38 calls.

This bug entry makes me think that it will be awhile until Asterisk can
handle T.38.

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