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ANN: C# Online.NET Open Soure List

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The Open Source Movement has yet to play as critical a role in the
development of C# systems as it has in the development of Java
systems. Perhaps, it never will. But, for those who cannot afford
Microsoft licensing fees or who cannot wait for Microsoft to address a
particular domain, open source is a viable alternative.

C# Resources - Open Source is a new list of C# open source projects
which are both free and open source. The recent sale of the JBoss
Application Server to Red Hat for $350 million illustrates vividly
that there is a difference.

C# Resources - Open Source is here:

If you know of a C# open source project which is not yet listed,
please add it under the appropriate category.

Visit C# Online.NET for the best online C# resource.

C# Online.NET

A wiki-based C# and .NET resource featuring articles, code snippets,
forums, study guides, and tutorials.

[ ANN: C# Online.NET Open Soure List ]
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