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Newbie questions VLAN

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We just got a Cisco 1720 Router for our office.

I'm just playing around with it right now trying to get it to work like
our current firewall:

INTERNET <----> FireWall<--> (local subnet)
(DMZ Subnet)

Hope the ascii art comes out ok; but the just is it's a triple homed

So I've setup our Fast Ethernet port as our firewall's static IP
address. I then setup 2 Vlan ports one (vlan1) with the local subnet
gatewat ip address, and the other (vlan2)with our dmz subnet gateway ip

My newbie questions are:
1) I have 4 switch ports on the back of the 1720, does the number of the
switch port correspond to the vlan#? At this point it seems like any
port I connect only works when connected to the local area network.

2) I would like to setup a port for my dmz wich I would then uplink a
hub to. How is the accomplished. And is my understanding correct that
this is the theory behind VLAN. From the little I've read this seems to
be the purpose, but I'm a newbie so I dont really know for sure

3) This probably has a lot to do with q#2 but here it goes:even though
I've set the IP address on vlan 2 when execute the command: "show
interface vlan2" logged on to the router it alway show's this in the
first line of the output:"Vlan2 is up, line protocol is down". How do I
get that line protocol up. I think if I can figure out Question # 2 I
should be able to do this, right? Or at least do I need to figure out
the right switch port for vlan2?

3) I know these questions may be indepth, so is there any good websites
on IOS?

4) can you reccommend any good books on IOS I need to really get
aquainted with it!

Answer any of these questions would really help me out! If you require
more information, just let me know


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Think I got it figured out had some help from cisco support:

This was their response:
Here are the commands to assign switchports to VLANs:

Router(config)#interface fastethernet port
Router(config-if)#switchport mode access
Router(config-if)#switchport access vlan vlan_num
Router(config-if)#no shutdown

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