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Assign a property to webcontrol in run-time

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I've built my own webcontrol to make page navigation.
One of control's property is recordCount that is used to know how many record
should be take in mind to print out the pages number.

The question is

I've registered the control in the page in this way
<%@ Register Assembly="WebControls.PageNavigationBar" Namespace="WebControls"
TagPrefix="cc1" %>

and added a a declaration like this

<cc1agenavigationbar id="PageNavigationBar1" runat="server" ></cc1agenavigationbar>

but how can I modify dinamically the property in page's code.

Simply trying to write cc1 or PageNavigationBar won't give the expected result
so this mean that this is not the right way.

Where Am I doing mistakes?


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