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xsd enumeration and pattern
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i got this attribute
<xs:attribute name="jour">
<xs:restriction base="stypeJour">


<xs:simpleType name="stypeJour">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="Lundi"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Mardi"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Mercredi"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Jeudi"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Vendredi"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Samedi"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Dimanche"/>

Is it possible to "filter" properties of the attribute "jour"so that a
special enumeration value is forbidden ?
I don't know much about pattern . I think this might be the solution ,
something like
<xsattern value="\C Lundi "/> ???

where can I read more about pattern ?



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