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Understanding/explaining WebZones....

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The SDK has me a bit confused with respect to WebPartZones and the sections
within them. The SDK page for the WebZone has s table that lists the sections
within a zone: header/body/chrome/part controls/footer.

I get the header and footer sections, but the other three are a big hazy
to me... please correct these statements where appropirate (as I don't think
I have it just right). Two (part controls & chrome) of the items listed as
"sections" doesn't quite make sense to me as they seem to be more of categories/labels
than sections.

The body is essentially everything in the WebPart sans header and footer.
The Part Controls are essentially any controls added to the zone... correct?
The chrome is all the UI components/elements within the zone... correct?
If so, then why call chrome & part controls a section?


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