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who uses off-board navigation software?

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Hey guys... probably not the best place to put my question but I am kind of new to the whole "forum" thing and I thought you could help me? I am looking for GPS navigation software for my mobile phone and I found a company on the internet called nav4all. The thing is that some friends of mine are already using another company called tomtom, but for which you have to pay, which is not very possible for me. I want to ask if anyone has used the software of nav4all before and if it safe, before i install it on my phone. Could I also get a virus like that?
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Not using a GPS before but, i would have to say Paying for a service tends to mean your getting the Best. Nav4All might be free but it could also be Wrong, or missing stuff in its directory.

If the company is advertising and they have a Large amount of customers the chance of getting a virus are slim to none, but there is always a chance

You can also look on for a forum to do with GPS Nav tools, and they might be able to help you.

Also, Posting this in the Lounge would be the best place if theres no Other Hardware Discussion Board.
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Most people do use tomtom, you might get what you want with the free software but from what I can tell, if a cell phone comes with GPS normally they also include the software and it's more often than not tomtom.
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