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Datalist and Identity Help

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In my database I have a table that contains names of inspection types. Each
inspection type has three fields associated with it: Major, Minor, and
Comments. So when each table is displayed you will see the name of the
inspection type and three text boxes. Initially, the text boxes were standard
HTML input tags. The ID for each item was the name of the box plus the unique
ID of the inspection type: Major_1, Minor_1, Comments_1. I thought this might
be a good approach since I had to gather the form data and insert it into he
database based on the ID of the inspection type. I am having trouble figuring
out how to parse the form in the code behind. I tried using ASP:TextBox, bu I
can’t figure out how to determine what the inspection type ID is when I paser
through the collection. I have the datalist bound to dataset. I appreciate
any help.
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