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CustomControl Losing Events.

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HI all,
I have been battling with this problem with some time now, now iam out
of ideas what to do
basically iam planning a tab control in which page developers can define
tab abd tabelements on the page, and i can render a table with one row
being link buttons and second row with tabelements..

tha markup of the control looks like

<uc:TabStrip ID="tbMatrixProduct" runat="server">
<uc:TabElement ID="teGeneral" runat="server" Description="General">
<uc:GeneralProduct ID="GeneralProduct1" runat="server" />
<uc:TabElement ID="teDescription" runat="server"
<ucroductDescription ID="ProductDescription1" runat="server" />

i have two controls with tabcontrol having ParseChildren Attribute, and
having a ControlBuilder defined for TabElement.

The RenderChildControl method looks like

protected override void CreateChildControls()

Table cTable = new Table();
cTable.ID = "tbl" + this.ID;

cTable.Rows.Add(new TableRow());
//create link button row and add a link button for each tab
double width = Math.Floor((double)100 / (Elements.Count+1));

foreach(TabElement element in mElements)
//create link buttons here

TableCell panelcell = new TableCell();
panelcell.ColumnSpan = mElements.Count +1 ;
panelcell.Width = new Unit( "100%");

// create tabelements controls here
foreach (TabElement element in mElements)
Panel holder = new Panel();
holder.ID = "pnl" + element.ID;
holder.Visible = (VisibleTabId == element.ID);

so far so good, everything comes up just fine, but one of the
usercontrols in tabelements is having nested datalist..., thats where
thr trouble begins...

the child datalist is having link buttons, and their event handlers
never get called ...

I can put the user control on the page and it works fine, but when i put
it on my TabControl, it stops firing events...

I have tried wiring up events on the markup, in the code behind
everywhere, but the events dont get called.

I can confirm that the usercontrol is not loading the entire datalists
on the post back, but i dont know why, and how can i make it..., i can
post the whole code if someone is interested in looking at the problem...

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