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Datalist- setting repeatcolumns value dynamically. Possible?

bubba ho-tep
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When you have a datalist repeating horizontally, is it possible to set
the repeatcolumns dynamically based on the user's window size? EG. If
the user's window is wide enough for 3 datalist items without the
horizontal scrollbar appearing, then repeatcolumns=3. However, if the
user's window is wide enough for 5 items without the horizontal
scrollbar, then repeatcolumns=5.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom dispensed.

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It might be able to figure out in a cross platform portable way what the
current client rectangle for a browser is, but I don't know how to do it.

A follow-up question you might want to ask though is what happens if the
user resizes his browser after he gets the list?

If you want items to naturally stack horizontally, you could use floats and
divs, I think the control adapter examples might give you a solution if you
set the repeat columns to 1. Just make each item a fixed hieight and the
container they are displayed in resize with the browser and magic happens .

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