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Autocomplete Works in older Web site version, not new
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We have a web application developed using IBuySpy. In older versions,
Autocomplete on all web forms works. In our latest version, it stopped
working on all clients.

I have gone through all the groups and tried a bunch of things. Two
main areas I keep seeing are,

1. Browser Settings not set correctly.
2. Ability to turn off Autocomplete for a control and a form.

My browser settings are fine as far as I can tell. When I hit an older
version of the application, Autocomplete works. I've cleared all my
form and password history, hit it again, and it saves it. On the Login
page, it detects I entered a password and asks me if I want to save it.
Works great.

On the new version, Autocomplete never saves any previous entries and
doesn't popup the "Save Password" dialog.

I've checked the code and we have no references to the AutoComplete
attribute on forms or input controls. Just to make sure .Net doesn't
add anything behind the scenes, I view source for the web site and no
references to AutoComplete.

Between versions we did redesign the login page and moved it from a
User control to an standalone ASPX page. But I cannot figure out what I
left out or what I added that would turn off Autocomplete for the
entire site.

I do believe it is a site thing because other users are experiencing
the exact same thing. Works in old version, doesn't in new.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I stumbled across a way to make the AutoComplete work. In the older
version, we have an asp image button that has a little arrow and "Sign
In" text in it... That works fine, it makes the AutoComplete work. In
the new version, we split the image button into two... With the way our
politicians are going these days, English will be a second language
so we jumped the gun and made our application language indepenent... So
now the Arrow is still an ASP Image button but the "Sign In" is a ASP
Link Button... The text being loaded from a resource file.. I kept
pressing the Link Button and nothing... No AutoComplete saved.. I
happened to hit the arrow (Image button) one time, and now it works

I would be interested if somebody has a logical explanation... I know
it doesn't seem real but I had another user try it and it works for
them also.

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