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Hi All,
I have gone through some of the articles on ws-addressing, but couldn't actually figure out why ws-addressing is required ?

what I understand from ws-addressing is that using ws-addressing a response can be addressed to some other destination. For e.g. client-A

invokes a service at Server1 and requires the response to be sent to Client-B. ws-addressing provides the standarized <wsa:ReplyTo> MI

header to achieve this. The client client-A will send a SOAP message with <wsa:ReplyTo> element containing the url of destination endpoint

where response is to be made, in SOAP header. The server when find <wsa:ReplyTo> element in SOAP header, will send the response to the

specified url.

Similarly From header is to send the acknowledgement back to the sender & FaultTo to send the fault to sender/other fault handler.

Utility of EPR's (End Point Reference) is also vague.

Is this the only scenario where ws-addressing should be implemented ?

Comments/Suggestions are welcome.
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