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USB Device Not Recognized

SHirsch SHirsch is offline
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HELP! I am getting a continuous error message stating USB Device Not Recognized. I do not have anything plugged into any of my USB ports. I checked the device manager, under the USB Controllers I have an "Unknown Device." I have tried to update the driver, I have uninstalled this device, all to no avail. I am running Windows XP, SP2, on a Toshiba Laptop. Thank you!
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unholy unholy is offline
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If i understand what u said, then u said u dont have any USB Devices plugged in.

Considering that Windows has USB Drivers built in, its a pain to remove them, so i believe ether u have not uninstalled the drivers/device in which is causing this, some computer have multipule USB Hubs.
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You could have a wireless card or a bluetooth capability waiting to be enabled. If all devices are working fine for you, just right-click that device in Device Manager and set it to "disable". The messages should stop.

Personally, I would review my owner's manual and try to figure out what feature the laptop is supposed to have that it apparently doesn't have. That might point you in the right direction towards finding a driver for the unknown device.
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