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Re: Maximum VLAN interfaces PIX515-UR

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      07-25-2003 Removed) (Walter Roberson) wrote in message news:<bfpjaf$okj$(E-Mail Removed)>...
> In article <(E-Mail Removed)> ,
> Patrick <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> :At this moment I'm creating a configuration for a PIX515-UR.
> :I never have created VLAN's on a PIX before and there is little
> :information on it. Sure, there is more then enough about how to create
> :VLAN's, but not how the number of interfaces are counted.
> :I have six physical interfaces en I know I can a maximum of ten
> :logical interfaces. But does the physical VLAN count as an interface?
> The 515-UR does not support 10 logical interfaces: it supports
> 8 logical interfaces at maximum, and a *total* of 10 interfaces at most.
> The number of logical interfaces you can have is 10 minus the number
> of phyiscal interfaces. With 6 physical interfaces, that would leave
> you only 4 logical interfaces.
> This behaviour is not at all clear in the command reference,
> but it is documented in the Configuration Guide.
> My comparison chart lists the number of logical and total interfaces
> supported for each 5xx series model, using information derived
> from the Configuration Guide; the chart is at


Thank you for your response.

So, would it be possible to move one of the logical VLAN's to the
physical level? The config would then look like this:

nameif ethernet0 NS-LAN-WAN security0
nameif ethernet1 MERCURIUS security5
nameif ethernet2 Stateful-failover security99
nameif ethernet3 VBS-PRD security95
nameif ethernet4 VBS-ACC security75
nameif ethernet5 DMZ-PRD security55

interface ethernet3 vlan95 physical
interface ethernet3 vlan90 logical
interface ethernet4 vlan75 physical
interface ethernet4 vlan70 logical
interface ethernet5 vlan55 physical
interface ethernet5 vlan50 logical

nameif vlan90 VAS-PRD security90
nameif vlan70 VAS-ACC security70
nameif vlan50 DMZ-ACC security50

ip address NS-LAN-WAN
ip address MERCURIUS
ip address Stateful-failover
ip address VBS-PRD
ip address VBS-ACC
ip address DMZ-PRD
ip address VAS-PRD
ip address VAS-ACC
ip address DMZ-ACC

And the of course a trunk to the switch.


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