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dynmaic recursive nesting in xsl?

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i have the following xml document
<CaseRisk Id="0102" ResultLevelId="1" />

<CaseRisk Id="01030102" ResultLevelId="5">

<CaseRisk Id="010305" ResultLevelId="5">

<CaseRisk Id="0103" ResultLevelId="1">

<CaseRisk Id="0101" ResultLevelId="1">


into to come up with xsl that will each CaseRisk with another, now the
nesting rules are that Each CaseRisk that it's Id has another CaseRisks
Id init ,is nested inside that CaseRisk:

for example id 010305 should be nested inside id 0103 and 01030102
should be nested inside 010305

problems is that i don't the exact depth of each nest level, my only
solution would be to first select the shorest id's there are, for each
one, try to find id that contain that id in the outloop but are longer
by 2 digits , if i can't find any go to another depth and start
scanning for longer id's, untill i reach the length longest id that
exists in that xml
is that possible with xsl?

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