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Integer to Floating-Point conversions

Patricia Shanahan
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Chris Uppal wrote:
> Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>>If rounded is not an exact power of two, the truncation has a mantissa
>>one less than rounded. If it is an exact power of two, it has an
>>exponent one less than rounded, and mantissa all ones. Either way,
>>subtracting one from the rounded bit pattern gets the bit pattern for

> Ah, I see. The IEEE fp layout is subtle.
> Thank you.
>>If you prefer to avoid double, just do the abs in int:

> Unfotunately, the comparison doesn't work for Integer.MAX_VALUE, nor for values
> near Integer.MIN_VALUE. Two example failure cases are:

> I find the negative output from Math.abs() particularly entertaining

Good point. Shows the folly of not testing at least the maximum and
minimum value, as well as some ordinary values.

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