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John Gagon and his new RAD tool.

FrankLewis FrankLewis is offline
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I've been working with John Gagon to get a new rapid application development tool up and running. So far, there are no other tools other than commercial tools like QuickBase. His tool will be an open source clone of Quickbase and will be hosted on, and sent to the various free download sites. Does anyone here currently use a RAD tool or think there is something close to a browser based application development system that is basically free. He also plans on adding an "advanced features" edition that will be sold commercially but the basic version will always be free. Also, can you think of any particular features that you would want in such a tool?
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unholy unholy is offline
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What is this RAD tool for? Java? C++? so forth and what does the tool even do? u should mention that before posting.
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