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need help: to switch from software router on Solaris to Cisco 4000-M

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im currently running Solaris 8 with ipfilter and a 4port ethernet card ..
I only have 1 ip and i use NAT and have a DMZ with a mail server/web
server/pop server

basic ascii setup of my setup looks like..

Internet (fiber to ethernet) ------port 0 on ethernet
Firewall by ipfilter
port 1 goes to my private
network (192.168.0.x)
DHCP server on port 1
port 2 goes to my DMZ
network (192.168.1.x)
mail server/web server lives

so i picked up a Cisco 4000M with 2 2port ethernet cards to replace it , it
has 8 megs of flash and 16 megs of ram and can get whichever version of IOS
i need ,

anyway some help with the config of the cisco would be awesome.. according
to configmaker 2.6 , it wont let me redirect all DNS/Web server/mailserver
entries to my SINGLE ip to my DMZ zone of 192.168.1.l1 , complains about NAT
running on the DMZ zone ..

any help would be appreciated here

also what version of IOS/Feature set do i want to run here?

i need firewall capable(is access lists enough?), need NAT/PAT ,dhcp server


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