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Re: 2610 with T1 support question

Adrian Jensen
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Alex wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a backup for our 2610 which is being used to connect
> to our T1 for Internet access. I'm not at all familiar with routers.
> I'm concerned that if our existing one fails we'll be up the creek...
> Can someone give me an idea of what I should expect to pay (on eBay or
> elsewhere) for a used Cisco 2610 with T1 support (WIC Card?)? I'm in
> the United States.
> What are the things I should be watching for?
> Is the 2610 capable of supporting another T1 card such that I may
> provide some redundancy by getting a second ISP?

I look for cheap 2600s from time to time on Ebay to play around with and
figure out how to best program the live ones at work. As I recall, a
2610 with a WIC-1DSU-T1 will generally go for about $400-500, a
2620/2621 (fast ethernet built in) goes for ~$700. But it depends alot
on age, IOS version, and demand that day. Additional T1 WICs are in the
range of $100.

You can easily drop a second T1 WIC in the existing router.
Configuration is tricky if your going to try running a multi-homed
network (i.e. hosting servers/machines locally that have public IP
numbers, accessed through ISPs with different IP ranges). Otherwise
setting up to T1 links is rather straight forward, each T1 having a
different IP, dual routes to the world. Of course, both T1s go out
through the same phone lines, through the same CO most likely. So a tall
truck ripping the lines off the pole down the street, or your friendly
backhoe down at the CO will still take out both T1s.


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