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Re: Recursive combinations algorithm
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Could you please explain what is the NullSet - are you emptying the
set? I am lost..

> You still have too many loops, a good sign that you haven't found an
> "elegant" recursive solution.
> Consider: You can divide the subsets of {a, b, c, d} into two groups:
> subsets containing a and subsets not containing a.
> The second case gives you an obvious recursion on {b, c, d}. What

> the first case? It simply the subsets of {b, c, d} with a added to

> one!
> Comb( Set CurrentSet, Set ElementsToAdd = NullSet )

//here - what is NullSet?

> {
> if( CurrentSet.IsEmpty() )
> {
> ElementsToAdd.PrintSet();
> }
> else
> {
> Element x = CurrentSet.GetFirstElement();
> Comb( CurrentSet - x, ElementsToAdd + x );
> Comb( CurrentSet - x, ElementsToAdd );
> }
> }
> This assumes the existence of a Set class (not quite the same as the
> standard C++ set template) with the appropriate member functions. In
> particular, the + and - operators should return a copy of the left

> operand with the right hand operand inserted and deleted

> Seth Jones

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