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scripting C++

christopher diggins
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Using the OOTL (Object Oriented Template Library, ) it
would very feasable to write a scripting engine for C++ programs.

The way this hypothetical engine would work is that any OOTL object (that is
an object containing the OOTL_DEF_OBJECT macro) could be exposed along with
an interface written using the BIL (Boost Interfaces Library) IDL
(Interfaces Description Language).

Using the scripting library, would look like this (pardon any C++ usage

CppScriptEngine theEngine;

std::list<ootl::String> gList;

class MyClass {
void Push(ool::String x) {

BOOST_IDL_FN0(Push, void, (ootl::String, x))

int main() {
theEngine.Expose("MyClass", MyClass, IMyInterface);
while (!gList.empty()) {
std::cout << gList.back() << std::endl;
return 0;

When this program is run, it would go into a console mode, where it would
allow a limited C++ syntax, and support the core OOTL objects, i.e. Int,
Bool, Char, String, etc. So a possible user session might look like this:

String s = "hello";
MyClass m;

Does this kind of tool (open-source of course) interest anyone? Anyone
potentially interested in collaborating?

Christopher Diggins

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