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Getting StackOverflow with xalan!

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i've been trying to use xalan to transform an xml file.

my xslt is NOT recursive, it's i do use call-templates. and on each
one i call document function (but on the same file)

the strange thing is that if i use
java -cp .;..\lib\xercesImpl.jar;..\xalan.jar;

it's goes ok but if i use with this: (my own class)

java -Djava.endorsed.dirs=../lib\ -cp

(all them classes are needed otherwise i get NoClassDefFound on

if i use my own java class i get JavaStackOverFlow,

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ok i think i got it..

i included jaxb-xjc (the same project also uses jaxb) which forced me
ot add java.endorsed.dir property to my lib files (otherwise i got an
exception on getSchema Method)

after removing both ,it worked, i always thought i needed xjc for
buidling the ant, so included it in my eclipse.

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