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[ANN] EmINENT Microsystems announces ESF support for µC/OS-II
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The Embedded Software Framework™ (ESF) is an object-oriented suite of
embedded software libraries that provides the state-of-the-art in real-
time software development. EmINENT Microsystems ESF™ technology enables
true embedded reusability management, greatly reducing embedded product
development costs and accelerating time to market.

Portland, OR, September 29, 2004. EmINENT Microsystems Inc. a leader in
Advanced Embedded Technologies today announced Embedded Software
Framework™ (ESF) support for the µC/OS-II Real-Time Kernel from Micrium,
Inc. The ESF™ software suite provides object-oriented interfaces to all
UCOS functions. Specific libraries include ESF RTOS™ a simple, powerful,
and easily customizable real-time operating system that adds timeouts to
block memory allocation without changing µC/OS, ESF Base™ an OS and
platform independent data structure, algorithm and digital signal
processing library, speeding development of a wide range of resource
constrained applications requiring computationally efficient (e.g.
fixed-point arithmetic) and/or algorithmically sophisticated signal
processing, ESF TCP/IP™ a flexible, fast, compact, real-time
implementation (e.g. no heap allocation, timeouts, etc.) of the standard
TCP/IP protocols including Telnet and TFTP, ESF Web Server™ an embedded
HTTP web server, and ESF SNMP™ a complete implementation of the standard
SNMP protocols.

ESF™ software functions are organized into intuitively and conceptually
familiar library hierarchies, so that you can quickly learn the
available functions and find the components that you need.

The result is a powerful set of building blocks that accelerates
application development and maximizes the reuse and cross project
leveraging of engineering investments. Multi-threaded applications,
including complex I/O and device control software, can be engineered to
be portable and independent of a specific platform or operating system.

“µC/OS-II” is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive, real-
time, multitasking kernel. µC/OS-II is written in ANSI C and the inner
workings of µC/OS-II are described in the book "µC/OS-II, The Real-Time
Kernel" (ISBN 1-57820-103-9) written by world renowned author Jean J.
Labrosse. µC/OS-II was certified in an avionics product by the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) for use in commercial aircraft by meeting
the demanding requirements of the RTCA DO-178B standard for software
used in avionics equipment. Since its introduction back in 1992,
MicroC/OS has been used in hundreds of products.

About EmINENT Microsystems
EmINENT Microsystems is a premier provider of advanced software and
design services to the global embedded market. EmINENT Microsystems
offers a wide range of embedded products and ODM/OEM services. These
technologies enable next generation smart devices and embedded
applications such as consumer devices, medical devices, M2M, wireless
products, remote monitoring and point of sale terminals. EmINENT
Microsystems accelerates the product development cycle and reduces
overall project costs. Discover the EmINENT advantage. For additional
information, please visit

About Micrium
Micrium, Inc. is based in South Florida and is a provider of high
quality embedded software solutions and is headed by world renowned
author and embedded systems developer Jean J. Labrosse. Micrium is a
privately held corporation. For additional information, please visit

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