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Re: 2003 and 1998 C++ standards?

Dietmar Kuehl
Posts: n/a
      09-16-2004 Removed) wrote:
> I've been checking out ANSI's webstore with the intention of getting

> copy of the C++ standard, and astonishingly it seems to be dated

> Bjarne Stroustrup's site states that C++0x is still a long way from
> completion, and nowhere else on the web seems to refer to the 1998
> standard being replaced with a 2003 standard, so what's going on?

The C++ committee issued a Technical Corrigendum (TC) which was
accepted by the ISO bodies. The "C++ 2003" standard is the "C++ 1998"
standard with the modifications of the TC applied. These modifications
do not introduce changes but only correct problems (which, admittedly,
occasionally is change): the TC clarifies ambiguities, removes
contradictions, adds omissions (i.e. specifications for entities
mentioned but not specified), etc.

C++0x refers to a standard which not only corrected but also extended.
It is expected that C++0x has a bigger standard C++ library and better
support for various paradigms. What will really change in C++0x is,
however, completely open.
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