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Aguilar, James wrote:

> Phlip wrote:

> > It's the first feature of a "refactoring browser" - rename identifier.

> > learn how "easy" that is, search the net for a refactoring browser for
> > C++.

> I'm making an assumption here that might not be correct, so correct me if
> I'm wrong -but- I assume that you are trying to imply that it is not easy

> don't really want to use my time to search for such a browser right now,
> since I personally have no use for it at the moment). Maybe you can

> why?

I have never tried it. However...

> In any case, here's my idea for an algorithm:
> Inputs: Method signature, set of type name,
> directory name *possibly blank for base level call*
> Vars: boolean valid (begins false)
> Returns: boolean
> WHILE (valid) {
> 0. valid = true;
> 1. Get all files in this folder **PLATFORM DEPENDENT**
> a. remove all files that do not end in extension .cc or .hh (GNU

> conventions)
> 2. For each file
> a. Continue to eat input until you come to end of file or come to ":
> public
> \member of set/" or "\methSig&member of set/" (use tokens to

> the input,
> basic stuff)
> b. If you come to the case described in 2a., valid becomes false and

> step 3,
> otherwise, step four
> 3. Edit "\methSig/" as appropriate and write the file
> 4. Get list of directories and recurse. If any recursive call returns
> false, valid is
> set to false.
> }

The first time that algorithm renames an innocent bystander, you will feel
bad, and stop using it.

When folks use a refactoring browser in a softer language that permits them,
they fly, because the browser cannot make a mistake.

My C++ code routinely screws up the intellisense and code browsing system in
my Visual Studio editors. They use "just a little language parser" like you
recommend. They don't use the real C++ compiler's program database, because
they want to change their browsing on the fly as I add statements. So we get
the worst of both worlds. My intellisense breaks when the wind blows, and my
browser can't find variables that the compiler can.

If a C++ refactoring browser were this unstable, nobody could tell when it
was adding bugs, so nobody would use it.


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