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Simulation much is too much?

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I hope I am not giving away so much information about a question that I have
infringed on any legal the same time I hope there are Microsoft
people looking around that can answer me on this.

I took my 70-290 exam 4 days ago (13th of April) and had the 4 simulation
exams to go. I enjoyed 2 of the sim questions because they were quite easy
and seeing the screen in front of you is much easier than having to remember
where all the options and tick boxes are.

Anyway, the problem I had was with 1 particular question. The question asked
me to set shared permissions for a shared folder. I did this and I am 100%
sure I got it right. However, the problem I had is that the question only
ever mentioned "shared permission" not "NTFS permission" or even just
"permission" by itself. I did what I was asked but it wouldn't have worked.
The NTFS permissions stopped the shared permissions from being effective.

I stared and reread the question at least 15 times and could see no reason
why I should have set NTFS permissions. I decided to do exactly as the
question had suggested and not what I would have done in reality which was to
match the shared permissions and NTFS permissions.

I would appreciate (especially you Microsoft people) some feedback on how
much is too much. Should I do everything possible because the question only
looks for 1 right outcome despite how much other stuff you do, or do I do as
the question asks even if it wouldn't really work in reality.

Thank you very much.

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