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stream input

Old Wolf
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"Aleks Dubinskiy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am well aware of the superiority of using streams and operators << / >>
> instead of the old-style printf and scanf. However, there is only one
> obstacle that prevents me from switching to the better form.
> scanf has the following really convenient syntax:
> fscanf(pFile, "prfl num: %d\n", &nPrflNum);
> It seems to be very difficult to replace this with a convenient input stream
> version, such as:
> input>>"prfl num: ">>nPrflNum;
> Is there a more straightforward / painless way to do what I want?

You could use the very flexible Boost Spirit library (
(warning - late-model compiler required):

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "boost/spirit/core.hpp"

using namespace boost::spirit;

int main()
std::string s;
int i;

getline(std::cin, s);

if (parse(s.c_str(), "prfl num:" >> int_p[assign_a(i)], space_p).full)
std::cout << "input was: " << i << "\n";
std::cout << "input did not match expected form.\n";

return 0;

"int_p" indicates to parse a signed int, "[assign_a(i)]" means to
assign the result of parsing to the variable "i", "space_p"
indicates that whitespace is used to separate tokens in the input,
"full" means that the entire input was parsed correctly.
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