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How to reuse a friend operator?

Victor Bazarov
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"Piotr Wyderski" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
> Victor Bazarov wrote:
> > As I read it, the Standard, 3.4.3/2, the last part of it, says that
> > if during an ordinary unqualified name lookup a _member_ is found,
> > then the associated namespaces namespaces and classes are not

> I'll look closer at that chapter.
> > So, it is standard behaviour, there are work-arounds, do you want me to
> > help you with them or do you already know them?

> Well, of course, please describe the workarounds you know, maybe
> something would be new to me. However, the question is not how to

If it not, then I won't bother.

> fix it, becaue the most standard-conforming workaround is to move
> friends outside the class. The question is how to do it using internal
> friends, because:
> a) the C++ standard allows internal friends;
> b) it seems to be impossible to call one of them from another.

That's not necessarily true. The thing is that the member operator+
_interferes_ with name lookup of the friend.

> If the above statement is true, then there is an imperfection
> in the name lookup algorithm and it should be fixed.

Try describing the problem in comp.std.c++, and possibly suggest the
fix after studying the current behaviour in more detail.


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