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SQLClient Classes - Best Practice

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Can anyone recommend any article which differentiates, between
all the sqlClient classes. As I am getting confused as to which is the
best approach, bearing in mind my desire to have efficient access and
avoid unnecessary trips to the server .

I suppose my requirements are an 'updateable' RecordSet
and a 'read only' RecordSet, but the SQLReader seems as though it will
not work in a paging environment, as it is read forward only.

If one has a recordset, which consists of two tables - is it possible
to update that dataset, so that both or either one are updated. Like
in MSAccess when the datgrid view allows this.

How is a DataTable different from a DataAdapter ?

While wanting to release resources with Close or Dispose - what are the
arguments if say the recordset is to be re-selected with a different

Thanks for any help or pointers - Richard

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