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Re: help on rewritting c++ for Mac into MSDOS - "IsNan.c" 5832 Bytes

Christopher Benson-Manica
Posts: n/a
      05-11-2004 Removed) spoke thus:

> I am trying to rewirte the attached code which was working on Mac for MSDOS
> (16-bit) environment.
> It can be compiled and linked successfully, but when it is run, the program
> is aborted and the following message was shown,

> Float point error: Stack fault.
> Abnormal program termination.

> [binary snipped]

(When locate the correct group for this post, kindly post your C++
and not the compiled binary. Usenetters will thank you.)

Your post is off-topic for comp.lang.c++. Please visit

for posting guidelines and frequently asked questions. Thank you.

Christopher Benson-Manica | I *should* know what I'm talking about - if I
ataru(at) | don't, I need to know. Flames welcome.
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