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C++ Question Urgent

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Hi all,
Can anyone help me to do this Question. Coz this is my first time study C++
language and my lecture want me to do this kind of program, i really don't
have any ideal, or can send me some link is similar this program to me have
a look,
i already finish the MIPS part and the C Program that part also , but the
simulator part is
really hard for me~

pls help me
thanks a lot

here is the Question::

Improve the following (badly written) matrix multiplicationprogram and
translate it into MIPs assembly language then assemble into machine language
(hexadecimal representation). You may use a compiler to produce an assembly
language file and SPIM to produce the final hexadecimal machine language but
it WILL be faster to compile the program manually given past experience by
students. It will also mean you need to implement less instructions in the
simulator, or put it another way, do LESS WORK.

#define n varies see belowtypedef char index_;typedef longint
matrix[n + 1][n + 1];main(){ index_ i, j, k; matrix a, b, c; for (j = 0;
j< n; j++) { for (i = 0; i< n; i++) { a[i][j] = i * j; b[i][j]
= a[i][j]; } } for (i = 0; i< n; i++) { for (k = 0; k< n; k++)
{ c[k][i] = 0.0; for (j = 0; j < n; j++) c[k][i] += a[k][j]
* b[j][i]; } }}
Write a simulator for the final version of the pipelined datapath from your
text book adding a 1-bit branch predictor and assuming two pipeline delays
for the data memory. The branch logic MUST remain in the ALU stage; do not
move it back to the register/decode stage. You MUST use branch flushing (do
NOT use branch delay slots), you MUST implement data forwarding and detect
and resolve load hazards.

Beware the text has a number of errors.

The simulator must display on screen the contents of pipeline and registers
being used and 8 memory locations commencing with one currently being
accessed. A simple text based display is acceptable as long as the screen
does not scroll every clock cycle! The simulator must also support single
step operation and be able to run until a particular instruction address is
reached. The simulator must read in the hexadecimal format machine
instructions. You may choose what language to use.

You are only required to implement the instructions used in the
multiplication program. For Assignment 1 use 16x16 matrices only. The Branch
Target Buffer must have only 1 entry only (to simplify the problem!).

~ Let us linux ~

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Christopher Benson-Manica
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Milk <(E-Mail Removed)> spoke thus:

> Can anyone help me to do this Question.

Only if you post your attempt at it. Or send us money.

> Coz this is my first time study C++
> language and my lecture want me to do this kind of program, i really don't
> have any ideal,

Start by not sleeping through lecture and by getting to know your
professor and your teaching assistants (if you have them). We are

> pls help me

Buy a book, read it. Read the FAQ:

Christopher Benson-Manica | I *should* know what I'm talking about - if I
ataru(at) | don't, I need to know. Flames welcome.
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