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how to let GPP/GCC read command line switches from a file ?

Rolf Hemmerling
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Hello !

How to let GPP/GCC read command line switches from a file, **for Windows** ?

I was told a Linux solution:
"Your options in options.txt
Then: gcc $(cat options.txt)
or: gcc `cat options.txt`"

and I was turned to the specs option

C/C++ compilers with "MSDOS history background" like Microsoft VC++ 7 ,
OpenWatcom and Borland C++ 5.5 have the "@filename" option to put
command line options for the linker and compiler into a text file. This
text file might be even compiled by a makefile at runtime, which are
stored in the makefile itself.

a) So is there any trick to do a file redirection like with the linux
solution, with a DOS shell on W2k/WinXP ?

As my GCC/GPP compiler "MingW" for Windows was just released withaout a
specs file, is there any simple ready-made specs file which JUST offers
the option to include the compiler/linker switches for the front end (
so that I must not think about how to "distribute" the links to the tools) ?

As I said, I need to let Makefile create temporary files
1. with the options
2. for the linker: a list of the object modules
so thats why I need a "just-in-time" solution, as offered by DOS based
compilers with the "@" option.

So any help ?

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/ / like on an allee in Hannover-Herrenhausen
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