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Function pointer member variable to non-member function

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I have a class that has an array of function pointers as a member

variable. I pass in function pointers in the constructor (these function

pointers are to C functions). Later when I try and call the function, it

says there is an error and my program crashes (assuming a memory

Here is a small example of what I am trying to do.

----- Common include file ------

typedef int (*ptrFunc)(int);

----- Separate .h/.cpp --------

class A {


A( ptrFunc one, ptrFunc two );

void UseFuncs();


ptrFunc m_pFunctions[2];


A::A( ptrFunc one, ptrFunc two )


m_pFunctions[0] = one;

m_pFunctions[1] = two;


void A::UseFuncs()


int value1 = m_pFunctions[0]( 5 );

int value2 = m_pFunctions[1]( 6 );


----- Separate .h/.cpp ------

extern "C" int funcOne( int a );

extern "C" int funcTwo( int a );

class B





A* m_classA;




m_classA = new A( &funcOne, &funcTwo );



int funcOne( int a )


return a * 5;


int funcTwo( int a )


return a * 4;



My question is, is there anything special I need to do to get these

functions to work when I pass them to another class? Thanks!

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