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Re: erase/delete for all containers

Victor Bazarov
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"sks_cpp" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
> // C is a container of pointers
> template<typename Container>
> void deleteObjects(Container& C)
> {
> C::iterator i = C.begin();
> while( i != C.end() )
> {
> C::iterator j = i++;
> delete *j;
> C.erase(j);
> }
> }
> I read online somewhere that this works for list, set, and map but NOT
> vector and deque. Is that correct?

Yes, I'm afraid so. When you erase an element of a vector or a deque
using an iterator, all iterators pointing to objects _after_ the one
that is deleted become invalid. If 'C' is a vector, 'i' becomes
invalid after you erase 'j'. Any operation with it causes undefined
behaviour. That's why 'erase' returns an iterator for sequences.
You should use it:

delete *i;
i = C.erase(i);

There is a hole in the Standard library (and some implementations do
try to correct it) that for associative containers 'erase' does not
return an iterator, it returns 'void'. In any case, your code would
be more efficient if you use

C::iterator i = C.begin();
while (i != C.end())
delete *i++;

C.clear(); // instead of erasing elements every cycle


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