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[ANN] Thread-aware STL-compatible memory allocator

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Borrowed Time, Inc. has just released version 2.0 of their Core
Library, a toolkit of C++ code aimed at Linux and Mac OS X developers.
Included in the library is an STL-compatible memory allocator
designed for threaded applications. The allocator offers both
per-thread memory allocation and any-thread deallocation (ie, any
thread can deallocate a memory block, not just the thread that
allocated it).

While the allocator is just a part of the BTI Core Library, it can be
compiled as a separate, independent library (both static and shared).
The library requires gcc (g++) version 3.1 and higher, with version
3.3 recommended.

A short description of the library and its components, as well as a
link to the library's source code, can be found here:


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