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Re: enum count

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> > If you have an enum, is there any way during execution to find the
> of
> > values in the enum?

> No.

yeah, i didnt think there was.

> From that you can do int(fifteen)+1, but this is a very special case.
> As soon as 'great' is changed to
> enum great { five = 5, ten = 10, fifteen = 15 };

that is a very good way to get around the problem!

> 'great' has to be around. Just open the definition and count.

At the moment, the definition is changing as i go along programming, adding
in new cases as i go along.

i cant be bothered thinking up all the possible cases that i might need,
because i just know later down the track i'll think of a new one. So that
method of adding an extra one at the end seems like the solution i am
looking for.

Thankyou for the information.

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