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Thomas Matthews
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Krzysiek wrote:
> Hi!
> I programme in Visual C ++ 6.0 with DDK for Win2000.
> I read in MSDN that in Windows 2000 there is the driver of virtual serial
> port.
> I would like to use it at my application to install the virtual serial port
> (VCOMM) in Windows 2000. I want that different applications could use this
> virtual port. How can I do it?
> I apologize for my mistakes, but I just started to learn English.
> Please, help me!
> Krzysztof Donat

You need to ask the experts in a Microsoft Windows newsgroup.
Read the welcome.txt and FAQs below.

This newsgroup, news:comp.lang.c++, discusses _standard_ C++
which has no facilities for Windows or DDK. Those are
platform specific issues and best discussed in a platform
specific newsgroup.

Thomas Matthews

C++ newsgroup welcome message:
C++ Faq:
C Faq:
alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ faq:
Other sites: -- C++ STL Library book

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