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[Help] How to read this core?

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It happens during finishing the process:
(AIX 4.3, GCC 3.2.3, omniORB)

pthread_kill(??, ??) at 0xd0014ad8
_p_raise(??) at 0xd0013e8c
raise.raise(??) at 0xd01857cc
abort() at 0xd017e238
uw_init_context_1(??, ??, ??), line 1125 in "unwind-dw2.c"
_Unwind_RaiseException(??), line 84 in ""
__cxa_throw(??, ??, ??), line 72 in ""
_ZN16omni_tracedmutexD1Ev(0x30b5c9d at 0x100622b8
_ZN17_omniFinalCleanupD1Ev(0x30af477c) at 0x1005975c
Main._Z41__static_initialization_and_destruction_0 ii(0x0, 0xffff) at
_GLOBAL__D__ZN4omni13TCS_W_Voyager12marshalWCharER 9cdrStreamt() at
_GLOBAL__FD_MyServer() at 0x1116d840
mod_fini1(??, ??) at 0xd018cb60
modfini(??) at 0xd018caac
__modfini() at 0xd018d0cc
exit(??) at 0xd01860d4

MyServer is the name of executable. What I see is:
- _GLOBAL__FD_MyServer(): global objects of MyServer are being destructed;
- hmm: _GLOBAL__D__ZN4omni13TCS_W_Voyager12marshalWCharER 9cdrStreamt()
looks like destruction of global (static) instance of
omni::TCS_W_Voyager, but there is function marshalWChar called. Should
be destructor called. How it could be?

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