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Re: FAQ 34.3

Peter van Merkerk
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"Agent Mulder" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> Hi group,
> In FAQ 34.3 I read the following:
> In general, (...) you are guaranteed that &v[0] + n == &v[n], where v is a
> std::vector<T> and n is an integer in the range 0 .. v.size()-1.
> However v.begin() is not guaranteed to be a T*, which means v.begin() is

> guaranteed to be the same as &v[0]:
> My question is, why is v.begin() not guaranteed to be of T* ?

Because vector<T>::begin() returns an iterator, which may or may not be T*.
Whether vector<T>::iterator is an alias for T* or not depends on which
Standard Library implementation you are using and possibly on the compile
settings (eg. debug builds or release builds). The advantage of an iterator
object is that it may do some checking, for example to see if it is still
valid when it is being dereferenced. A possible advantage of returning raw
pointers is efficiency.

Peter van Merkerk

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