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Console Application / NCurses

Paul Woodward
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Please excuse me if I have placed this post in the wrong group.

I am looking to write a large and complex application under Linux designed
to look after the sales and purchasing of stock.

Due to the complexity of this project there is going to be a fair amount of
information spread across many screens and a requirement for quiet a bit of
user input.

Based on this I was wondering if I should use NCurses for screen control
because although I have been looking into the possibilities there does not
seem to be a lot of information about regarding the subject.

Does anyone else have any alternatives or suggestions on what I should use
for screen control or should I simply write my own functions?

My requirements are the ability to place fields on screen which the user can
enter / amend information and read only versions of fields for information

The fields should have various options which can be set such as max length,
input type (Alpha, Numerical Etc) and take care of all Input validation thus
keeping my core code clean, simple and easy to read.

NCurses seems to fill this requirement however information is sparse to say
the least.


Kind Regards,

Paul Woodward

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