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Re: Expand macro's

Victor Bazarov
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"Darius Blaszijk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
> I was wondering if there is something like a tool that does expand all
> macro's from a project?? User defined and preferrably system macro's. Ok,

> know that the preprocessor does the same, but is there such a tool without
> having to use the bulky preprocessor. Or if this is not possible, how can

> use the preprocessor to expand a project for me?? Please spell it out for
> me, as I'm only a beginner in C. I use DJGPP as a compiler.

(a) If you're a beginner in C, why are you posting to a C++ newsgroup?
Those are two different languages.

(b) Compilers usually have command-line options that allow the user to
control the output. I can't be sure of DJGPP, take a look at its
help and find the option that allows you to get "preprocessor output"
in a separate file. As an example, G++ has the option -E, which tells
it to preprocess the input file[s] only, no compilation. Combined
with -o it can give you the desired result. Again, I don't know DJGPP
that well.


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