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Re: Operator overloading a mistake??

Peter van Merkerk
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> Well, for starters the entire iostream library is based on operator
> overloading.

I'm well aware that the standard library, including the iostream
library, uses operator overloading, as do many other libraries. But that
doesn't prove your point. AFAIK it is possible implement a library with
the same functionality without operator overloading. No doubt such a
library would have a very ugly syntax.

With syntactic sugar I mean language features that make it easier/more
natural to use certain functionality, functionality that could also be
invoked in another (less convient) way. That doesn't make syntactic
sugar a bad thing, not at all. Operator overloading is a good thing, but
there is nothing magical about it, it is just a useful language feature.

Peter van Merkerk

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Victor Bazarov
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"cody" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
> [...]
> you can OVERLOAD the comma operator? how does that work and what purpose
> does it serve?

Please use the archives to find relevant discussions. This topic
has been entertained more than enough.


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