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DVD Data only writes a small amount, and then freezes.
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Ok- I've tried Memorex and Imation DVD-r's in my Sony DRU-510A
DVE+-RW/+-R drive. It used to burn any DVD or any make or type just

Recently, it will only burn re-write DVD's. Anytime i put in a DVD-R,
it will burn data only to a very small ring, that appears to be 1/4
inch from the center of the disk. I have checked, and all the blank
disks seem to have this thin line 1/4 the way in from the center. It
appears almost as if it were already written data. New data will only
be written to this point, and then freeze everything.

What is this line 1/4 inch from the center, and why is my disks
stopping from copying data past it?

Much thanks!

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