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Fat Corp. Netflix
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NETFLIX IS THE SHAME OF THE UNITED STATES and they care about not their
customer ,but only their raw interest. Such a xxx capitalist is only
going to trick you right after you became a member. I have the
membership for 3 dvd per each unlimited rental, and since the last 2
weeks, they've started trick on me that they are not receiving the
DVD's I sent it back!
Every time, whenever I receive the DVD's I returned it at the same day
and I know it only took 2-3 days (mostly 2 days); however, This NETFLIX
WANKERS keep those DVD on the list, so make me not to receive DVD no
more than a week. because I have to wait more than 6days to report the
problem, and I have to report the problem every time manually, They can
save their mailing fee and DVD rental processes. This problem happened
to me already 4 times strait row, so I am going to talk with my lawyer
for this matter. They gave me the unlimited access and trick me to be 4
dvd for a month. Netflix is nothing better than The capitalist Corp.

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Bet you're a big hit wit da ladies.

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