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ISO DVD standalone player with DTS decoder

Bodo Malo
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I'm searching for a new DVd player and hope someone can help me.

The Player should cost around 50-60 Euros

It should play at least DVD+/-R and RW
and DivX CD's
AND it should decode DTS and output it via 5.1 analoge
cables (not stereo downmix to 2 channels). I need that, even if
it does not bring any better quality...

Can someone suggest a player?

I have found the following players, but I'm not sure if they are really
what I'm searching for (it is not clear if they can really all decode
DTS to 5.1 analoge to me...also after reading all their manuals)

DK DVD-339
Lenco DVD-41
Packard Bell 450 pro

Please help

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