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Upconverting, Many Inputs

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I have a setup centering around a HK 520. As good as the HK 520 is it
has some serious limitations regarding the number of inputs and the
conversions. What I want to feed into my amp is the TV signal, tape,
CD, VCR, DVD, mp3/music server, replaytv, external source (video
camera, digital camera, portable dvd player), etc. Unfortunatelly, my
amp is not only running out of inputs but it also lacks the possibility
to convert between all the different formats.So here is what I am
looking for:

1) Convert ANY low-res video to EDTV/HDTV.
2) Convert ANY high-res video to SDTV (I have a SDTV but will upgrade
to HDTV within 2 years)
3) Support many input sources with various resolutions.

So my question is what is the best way for me to go? I want to support
many inputs and at least two outputs (SDTV/HDTV). Should I trash my
HK520 and go for a better amp, maybe even having a pre-amp (my Denon
receiver had considerable cross-over but my relatively cheap pioneer
pre-/full-amp did perform quite well, my HK520 is somewhere in the
middle). Or is there a up/down scaller that can do all the video
conversion and then feed it to my HK 520 componet inputs? Even if so I
wonder if I might lose resolution with a component output compared to
ditial inputs to a TV.

Any input is appreciated.

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