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Re: DVD Menus and Players (Rant Warning)

Walter Traprock
Posts: n/a
"unglued" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> steve wrote:
> > DVDs:
> >
> > Things I find it particularly annoying that DVD menus and behavior:
> >

> <snip>
> >
> > Rant over.
> >
> > steve

> The ultimate solution is to just rip and strip the DVD of everything
> you don't want. Who needs menus anyway unless you really want the
> "behind the scenes" waffle and pointless trailers ? I bought the French
> version of "Le Samurai" recently and the only option was if you wanted
> English subtitles or not. No chapters, no commentaries, no filler and
> that worked just fine. When you can run the film forwards or backwards
> att 60x or 150x you don't even miss the chapter selection menu.

Sure, that may work, but it's a kludge. I mean, making and burning a
copy everytime you want to play something you don't already have a
corrected copy of? Kludgy.

And how would dvd-shrink, nero, and whatnot possibly work on a
non-windows system?
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