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Play DVD on DVD Burner?

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On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 14:24 -0800, steve podleski wrote:
> I have never played a video DVD so I am a newbie at it.
> I recently bought a set of Lord of the Rings DVDs. I do not have DVD player
> or a DVD-ROM on my PC. I have a DVD burner. I tried playing a DVD with the
> software that came with the DVD set, but I got some strange error from the
> player software that came with the DVD set: some problem about 'DVD
> navigator'. I tried changing the display settings and downloaded the latest
> firmware of the DVD burner . I tried playing the DVD again and it worked to
> a degree: the video was jerky and the sound was low and bad. I suspect that
> the DVD burner is too slow. Is this correct? Or am I missing some other
> software or updates?

I know this is an old message I'm replying to. But you and others may
find this useful...

Something else you can try is to use the DVD burner to make an ISO image
of the DVD, and save it on your hard drive. Then, download and install
Alcohol 120%. This will let you mount the ISO image as if it was an
actual physical DVD in a DVD drive, and you should be able to play it
that way with any media player that can play real DVDs.

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